Our Story

Here at tamil empire we wanted to change the way our old school designs were perceived.

In order to do this we asked ourselves a question.

What can we produce in terms of clothing which would allow us to show the world who we are as tamils?

The answer to the question was the creation of tamil empire a brand which would represent tamil eelam and its history on clothing.

The symbol of our idenity was the image on our flag. So we decided to begin here. We wanted to create tshirts hoodies snapbacks with this symbol on the clothing.

We found a lot of people do not know what the symbol of tamils are in the uk and other countries. So we decided that if we created this clothing it would mean that people in the general public would begin to ask questions about what it is?, what it means? This would mean that the younger generation would be able to educate people of our identity and be proud to be tamils.

So here we are with a clothing brand just for tamils to bring out our identity in a modern way.

We hope you follow us to see the upcoming ideas and products we will be releasing soon.